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Something new!

I have added a couple of new options to The Tack Room donation page. The first is, I have set up and set aside an option to donate to The Tack Room Building Fund. We have explored many different options to help alleviate our space problem, but all have fallen through or just don’t seem to work. So as I feel led, I have opened up the door to begin a building fund. Maybe this is the route The Lord is wanting to take, and if so, I am confident He will provide and if not, we will continue as is until He decides our next move or provides another option. To donate to the “Building Fund” just click on “Building Fund” when filling in the donation form found here. I have also set up a meter to show our progression.

The second item I’ve added is The Tack Room Memorial and Tribute Program. This allows donors to donate in honor of someone they love. The honoree will be sent a hand mounted original photo card from my Millie Ann Photography collection. To learn more visit our Tribute page found here.

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Building Fund

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