Our Reach 2017

Farm Day Event

This year, as some of you know, I felt led to not charge for this event. The Lord blessed. We collected as much as we have in the past when we sold tickets. Our total was 1296.79. I can't tell what that means to The Tack Room. 100% goes to meet the needs of the children we serve. Thank you to all the Tack kids, caregivers, and to all the others who came and participated. This was for you, and I'm so thankful for you all. According to my welcome table and the amount of food that was served, there seemed to be somewhere around 250 to 300 folks who attended this year. That's incredible for this teeny tiny ministry. Thank you, everyone, for making this year's event so special and successful!!

Back to School Supplies

It's no surprise that God blessed our Back to School Supplies Event again this year. Our total number of items collected was 2387 and on the day of the event, we served 94 children. That number is sure to reach 100 by the time school begins with all the new children entering into our program. I can't thank you all enough! Thank you to all the teams, team leaders, and all those who donated items! Thank you to all the volunteers who graciously gave their time! This could not happen without you all!

Christmas Tack Sacks

Coming December 2017! During our 2016 Christmas Tack Sacks Event, through generous donations and awesome sponsors, we were able to serve 36 children. That number probably sounds small, but for as big as The Tack Room is, it's an amazing number of children that will be able to experience Christmas this year, and for some, their very first Christmas experience ever, and some of those are 6+ years old. Thank you all for your continued support and love for the children.

Children Served

I can't believe it. January 2018 we will be celebrating 5 years in minisrty. To date, we have served over 500 children. During 2017 we experienced the largest number of children entering The Tack Room Program. What a celebration! None of this would be possible without the grace of God and your financial commitments and prayers. What started as one request from one mother for her child has now grown into serving hundreds of children. Many of those children, have no mother.

Why We Exist and What We Do

The Tack Room exists to help children by showing them the love of Jesus Christ and providing some basic fundamental needs… love, food, clothing, etc. Baby equipment, personal hygiene items, books, toys and school supplies are also available through our ministry. We focus our efforts on providing for these children and community outreach for support. Many of the children enter our program during a crisis situation; many have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and starved.

Serving You Through Transparency

We know you want to make sure your generosity does as much good as possible. That’s something we take very seriously because you make our work possible. To serve children and families, we have to serve you too. That's why we want to be totally transparent about your money. The Tack Room doesn't require a lot; each and every single need that we have, the Lord has met through the obedient servanthood of our supporters. Please follow the link to see our financial report. Click Here

The Children We Serve

We connect with children through our network of partner agencies, which include The Bair Foundation, DSS, Buncombe County Schools, churches and other local organizations. The ministry functions independently but works together with local agencies and churches to serve where the need is greatest and in areas where we feel our ministry will have the most impact. The Tack Room has a firm commitment to serve children with legitimate needs.

Where Your Money Goes

Children's Events 65%
Operating Costs 20%
Emergency Clothing, Food, Hygiene Needs 10%
Diapers and Wipes 5%
New Underwear & Socks 0%