Why We Exist and What We Do

The Tack Room exists to help children by showing them the love of Jesus Christ and providing some basic fundamental needs… love, food, clothing, etc. Baby equipment, personal hygiene items, books, toys and school supplies are also available through our ministry. We focus our efforts on providing for these children and community outreach for support. Many of the children enter our program during a crisis situation; many have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and starved.

The Children We Serve

We connect with children through our network of partner agencies, which include The Bair Foundation, DSS, Buncombe County Schools, churches and other local organizations. The ministry functions independently but works together with local agencies and churches to serve where the need is greatest and in areas where we feel our ministry will have the most impact. The Tack Room has a firm commitment to serve children with legitimate needs.

Serving You Through Transparency

We know you want to make sure your generosity does as much good as possible. That’s something we take very seriously because you make our work possible. To serve children and families, we have to serve you too. That's why we want to be totally transparent about your money. The Tack Room doesn't require a lot; each and every single need that we have, the Lord has met through the obedient servanthood of our supporters. Please follow the link to see our financial report. Click Here