Farm Day 2017!

Farm Day 2017. I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll just start with – God. is. so. good! Again, He poured out His blessings, as He seems to always do for The Tack Room. I’m so thankful for all He has done and for how He took care of every single detail. Thank you to all my volunteers! I could not do this without you! You truly are the heartbeat of the events for The Tack Room. Thank you to those who brought the farms animals and the horses. I can’t even. Animals. So special! The connection, love, and awe they bring to the children is indescribable. Thank you to all those who gave. This is normally the only fundraising event that The Tack Room has each year. This year, as some of you know, I felt led to not charge for this event. The Lord blessed. We collected as much as we have in the past when we sold tickets. Our total was 1296.79. I can’t tell what that means to The Tack Room. 100% goes to meet the needs of the children we serve. Thank you to all the Tack kids, caregivers, and to all the others who came and participated. This was for you, and I’m so thankful for you all. According to my welcome table and the amount of food that was served, there seemed to be somewhere around 250 to 300 folks who attended this year. That’s incredible for this teeny tiny ministry. Thank you, everyone, for making this year’s event so special and successful!! Some of our Farm Day photos can be viewed HERE, but you can also visit our Facebook page HERE to see even more photos!