Just keep being the frog.

I came to work in The Tack Room today. I looked over and saw this frog. He got me to thinking. He’s been here greeting children since the very beginning. In fact, if I’m not mistaken he was one of the very first stuffed animals I purchased for The Tack Room. In all this time, no one has ever asked to take him home. I’m not sure why, but it’s as if here is where he is meant to be, doing what he is meant to be doing.

As I looked at him this morning, what I saw was this, he’s been faithful to his call to The Tack Room, he appears to be relaxed, but at the same time, he appears to be waiting. He has a tender smile yet a look of uncertainty.

I am this frog.

Have you ever felt your heart asking you to do things that don’t make a lot of sense? You feel God asking you to do things, you try your best to follow His lead, but there’s an uncertainty and questions that come with it. You want to know the why’s, but He not offering those at this time. He only wants you to just do as He asks.

This frog has taught me something this morning…even when nothing makes sense, stay faithful to the call and wait until God says otherwise.

The funny thing though is as soon as I snapped the picture of him sitting, he fell over in what I’m guessing is exhaustion. 😂

I’m still the frog.

Keep going, no matter how tired you might be! Keep doing what God is asking you to do. You don’t have to explain it no one, you can’t anyway, so just keep doing until He tells you to stop. Just keep being the frog.