Let’s head to the office and murder some babies.

How do they do it? How do they lay their head down at night and wake each morning, grab a cup of coffee, and head to the office to slay and murder babies?

If the truth makes you uncomfortable stop reading now.

Last night as I was reading over this article my mind was drawn to the “doctors” and “nurses”. Now I’ve never been in a room where abortion happens but I imagine the doctor carrying on a conversation as if his hands weren’t taking the life of a tiny human being. I imagine the nurses assisting and handing him the tools to complete his mission. I imagine in order to do this, he and his nurses can’t feel too much in the way of their consciousness or their emotions. Their mentality and moral compass have been grossly distorted somewhere along the way.

As spoken about in this article, not all abortions are “successful”. So I imagine a tiny human entering the world. In pain from the trauma that has been afflicted to rid him or her of their life, yet still holding on to life. I imagine the “doctor” disregarding the movement, handing the child over to the “nurse” giving her the “just get rid of it look”. I imagine the nurse holding the living breathing baby in the palm of her hand, walking to the bathroom and plopping the tiny child into the toilet, and without thought reaching for the handle, turning and waking away as a human being swirls two or three times and then disappears into the sewer system. I imagine her walking back to the room, head held up as if she had just done her job and done it well.

Instead of thinking about another child being murdered you may be thinking why would you post this here?! “You shouldn’t mix personal stuff with ministry stuff.” Well, there is no way for me to separate my life from my ministry, or my business, for me it’s all my life encompassed into one. I am what I am across the board. Some people say “I don’t talk politics on Facebook.” Okay, for me though, it’s not about politics, it’s about life.

While thinking about the “doctors” and “nurses” I began to pray for them. And at one point I stopped in the middle of my prayer and thought what’s the use?! These people have no consciousness, they have no care or concern for the sanctity of life. But then God whispered I am God. All-powerful, all-knowing, nothing is impossible with Me. Keep praying.

As these bills are being rejected please join with me in prayer for the babies, the mothers, the fathers, the “doctors”, for the “nurses”, the senators, and for those who continue to fight for the children. Nothing is impossible with God. Some say prayer doesn’t work, well, it does. If this doesn’t stop we are heading into complete and utter destruction. Gods wrath will surely come.

Senate fails to pass bill protecting infants surviving abortion.

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